Summer 2019

  1. You must be a college graduate to apply.

  2. Inkluded Academy is tuition free. 

  3. Orientation Night is from 7pm to 830pm, Thursday, July 11th.

  4. The 7-sessions are from 10am to 3pm, July 20th and 27th; August 3rd, 10th, 17th,and 24th; and, September 7th.

  5. All dates are mandatory. 

  6. The curriculum consists of lectures, discussions, Q & A, practical instruction, and assignment review.

  7. The curriculum will cover the foundational aspects of agenting, editorial, publicity, marketing, sales, scouting, production, and subsidiary rights. The focus will be on the assistant's role in each of these areas.

  8. The course will also provide career counseling and one-on-one sessions.

  9. The course will provide each student with a mentor.  

  10. Each student will receive a $382 stipend to cover transportation and a light lunch.

  11. The class size is 6. 

  12. Deadline to apply is May 31st.  Preference is given to early applicants.

  13. Final decisions will be made by June 10th. 

To apply to Inkluded academy, please click here.